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Loan regulations at Stavanger library

Before using the library and lending material, please read our loan regulations.

1. Everyone with a library card may borrow materials from the library free of charge.

2. If you have a Norwegian national library card from another library, you can use that card at Stavanger Public Library. You will need to visit the library in person with some form of ID to get a library card.


Adults (Age 18 and over): A Norwegian national library card can be used in most Norwegian libraries. To get a Norwegian national library card, you will need to bring a Norwegian photo ID card*. If you do not have a valid photo ID card, you can still get a library card for the local library in Stavanger if you have another photo ID card, though this card will have borrowing restrictions.

Children (Age 17 and under): Children can get a Norwegian national library card or a local library card for Stavanger Public Library. For children aged 14 and under, parents or guardians must complete and sign a form for the child’s library card. Parents or guardians must present a valid ID card*. (Exception: When the child gets a library card on a school visit, a completed form signed by a parent or guardian is sufficient.)
Children aged 15 and over do not need a parent’s permission to get a library card. They can get a Norwegian national library card by bringing a Norwegian photo ID card*, or a library card for Stavanger Public Library only by bringing a photo ID card.

3. The loan periods vary for different materials. Please check the loan receipt or “Min side” at Stavanger Public Library’s websites for due dates. Unless other library users reserve the item, you may renew your loans up to three times.

4. You accept responsibility for all materials registered on your library account, all use of your library card and all charges and fines accrued. If you lose your library card or notice unusual activity on your library account, notify the library immediately. Depending on circumstances, you might be accountable for unauthorized use of your library card if you have not reported the loss of your library card. In the event of loss of, or extensive damage to, library materials taken out on your card, you will be required to replace the item. Parents or guardians are responsible for lost or damaged materials borrowed by their children.

5. You have to return the item by the due date. Late returns will accrue fines.

6. You will need to notify the library if you change your name, postal address, e-mail address or telephone number.

7. Public and private institutions can also get a library card for institutional use. In the event of loss of, or extensive damage to, library materials taken out on the institution’s card, the institution will be required to replace the item.

8. If you break the library rules, you may lose your right to use the library or your right to borrow library materials.

* A “Norwegian photo ID card” is a government or bank issued ID card with photo and one of the following identification numbers: Norwegian person number, D number or DUF number.


  • Liability
     The borrower is liable for everything that is registered on his/her account and any lost or damaged items must be replaced. The library member may be held liable for any loss that the library is subject to due to somebody else misusing their card.
     Parents are responsible for items borrowed by children/youths up to 18 years old.
  • Fines
     The borrower must return items within their due-back date. Fines are paid according to set rates for items not returned by the correct time.
  • Change of contact details
     Borrowers are responsible for notifying the library of change of contact details.
  • Violation of the regulations may result in loss of borrower entitlements.

These regulations were decided by the board of Sølvberget KF on september 7th 2015. Remember that rules and fines may be different in another library.

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