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Kapittel theme launched

Kapittel theme launched

Kapittel, Stavanger's international festival for literature and freedom of expression, has revealed the main theme for 2015. This year, the theme is America.

This year marks 20 years since the first Kapittel Festival.  Over the years, the Festival has evolved into an important institution in the literature field, both in Rogaland and on a national scale.

The Kapittel Festival kicks off 16 - 20 September, book tickets here.

Why choose America as theme?

- America is something we like to think we know everything about, mainly because American culture and politics affects us every day. In reality, we know far too little about the most powerful cultural sphere in the world. There are good reasons to discuss America in a more critical and nuanced way, says Head of Kapittel Festival, Espen Røsbak.

Historical perspective

There exists another reason for choosing America as theme; this year marks the 100th anniversary of Alfred Hauge’s birth. The strongest contribution to Norwegian literature from Hauge is the novel trilogy about Cleng Peerson, a Quaker from Stavanger. Peerson, is considered the pioneer of Norwegian emigration to America in the 1800s and is linked to the myth of the continent as ‘the land of opportunity”.

Culture and politics incorporated

The Kapittel programme focuses on geographical, cultural and political aspects of America.

- With such a huge topic, we have to make some priorities.  We have decided to give special attention to migration and mixed identities, the American prison system and the infamous concept “the American dream”. We also made sure to include different perspectives, from North and South, on the vast American continent.   

A diverse and wide-ranging Literature Festival

The main theme, America, will dominate, but the Festival will also present Norwegian literature, host evening events and current debates.

-  Kapittel’s success is because of its comprehensive and varied programme. Its a place for major launches as well as a scene for narrow topics, this way we appeal to different audiences.  We promise not to disappoint our visitors this year either, says Røsbak.


Head of Kapittel Festival, Espen Røsbak:

E-mail: espen@kapittel.no

Telephone: (+47) 91586998