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What does the internasjonalt kulturnettverk do?

What does the internasjonalt kulturnettverk do?

Internasjonalt kulturnettverk ‘s goal is that Stavanger will further develop as a city that is inclusive for everyone, across cultural, ethnic, generational and social divides.

What we do

We work together with ethnic minority organisations:
• We can connect you with different ethnic minority organisations that exist in Stavanger/Rogaland.
• We organise meetings together with ethnic minority organisations.
• We can help you if you want to start a new organisation.
• We hold different courses and information meetings.
• We can assist ethnic minority organisations with renting rooms and premises, as well as applying for financial support to cultural activities.


Culture and debate:
• INTERNATIONAL CULTURE CAFE in Stavanger city centre. Every Saturday in the spring and autumn semester, culture cafe is held in Nytorget, together with ethnic minority organisations.
• BARNAS VERDENSDAG – international family day.
• GLOBAL MORNING, a series of meetings that discuss global and universal questions.


Contact us: 

Jamal Mohamud jamal.mohamud@solvberget.no - Telephone: 51 91 22 67 / 406 14 494

Kristine Aano Oyier kristine.aano.oyier@solvberget.no - Telephone: 900 58 587