Hopp til hovedinnhold

Learning Norwegian? Or another language?

Learning Norwegian? Or another language?

At the library there is a language room with the books you will need to learn languages. In addition, there are games, computers, movies and audio books.

If you have recently arrived in Norway, learning Norwegian is one of the most important things to do. There are many opportunities in Stavanger for attending courses. Read more about that here.

At the third floor of Sølvberget there is now a language room. There, we offer books and other resources for an even better start to learning languages.


Many of the most popular language courses, such as "Stein på stein", "Ny i Norge", "Her på berget" and "Klart det", have websites with assignments and listening exercises that support the textbooks and workbooks. There are computers you can use for this purpose at Sølvberget. Simply log in at a computer with your library card number and pin code.

Books and dictionaries

There is high demand for borrowing Norwegian courses from Sølvberget. The library has therefore purchased additional copies of the most requested courses. The courses we purchase the most copies of are used by the schools in the area. There is a long waiting period for borrowing our Norwegian language courses, as they can be borrowed for eight weeks. They are sorted by level, and this also applies to other language courses. Do you want to learn English, German, Arabic, Icelandic or another language? We have courses for many different languages. You can search for courses and reserve them on our website. Use the search words "språkkurs" or "language course" and the name of the language you are looking for.


In the language room you can also find dictionaries in many languages, as well as examples of Norwegian tests.


Digital audio books

The Libby app gives you access to language courses from Pimsleur on your phone or tablet. The language courses are audio books, and the courses are for Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, German, Tagalog, Arabic, Korean and Norwegian. All you need to use Libby is a library card from Sølvberget and a PC, phone or tablet. If you have a library card from another library, you have to come to Sølvberget with your library card and a form of identification so you can be registered.


How to get started:

  1. Download the "Libby, by Overdrive" app.
  2. Select "Find my library". The smartphone or tablet will locate the nearest Libby library.
  3. Choose "Sølvberget bibliotek og kulturhus" and select "Yes".
  4. Select "Add your card".
  5. Log in with library card number and pin code.

You can also use Libby on regular computers.


 Other app suggestions

In Memrise you play as a spy going into space, and you learn a language as you are playing. The app contains many different languages to learn, including Norwegian.


Duolingo is a game-based app. The goal is to get better at a language so that your level increases. Before you start playing, you select a language to learn, and Norwegian is one of the available languages. You choose how many minutes to play each day, and you get daily reminders when it is time for another session. Exercises may be translating sentences, listening or speaking. 


Language games

The board game "New Amigos" is available at Sølvberget. The game has the players guessing words and expressions. The game has three difficulty levels so that people of different skill levels can play together.


Additionally, language cards of level A1/A2 and B1/B2 are available. Every card has a question with three possible answers and solution. Two or three people can play together.


Movies and audio books

One of the reasons for why Norwegians have relatively good English skills, is that they hear the language spoken a lot in movies and TV series. It may be a good idea for those learning Norwegian to watch movies or listen to audio books where Norwegian is spoken. At the same time, you can read the book. We have picket out some movies and audio books that have a clear and pronounced manner of speaking. Movies can be borrowed for up to four weeks.


Please ask us if there is something you cannot find. The librarians behind the counter are there to help you. Also, remember that Language Cafe is held four times a week at Sølvberget.