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Print, scan and copy at the Library

Print, scan and copy at the Library

With printing solution Princh you can now print tasks, tickets, exams and everything else in the library - from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

How it works:

From the library's PCs:
To print from public computers, push the Print as usual, and a dialog box pops up  where you can choose whether to print in color, number of copies, etc.. The price you has to pay is also there. Then you have to pay by card (VISA, Mastercard) or book printing (pay cash). If you pay by card, the print will print out immediately, if you pay with cash,  you must go to the counter, pay and then the print will come out of the printer.

From your own computer, tablet or mobile phone:
Go to the website print.princh.com, enter the printer's number (100 286 for the printer on the ground floor, 100288 for the printer at Madla Library) and then upload it to print. That is if you want to print a web page, you must either save the page (on your PC or as PDF) or take screenshot. Then you pay for it.