Hopp til hovedinnhold

Language café and Norwegian training

Language café and Norwegian training

Do you want to be better at Norwegian? Then you can attend the language café, held four times a week.

Language is vital for integration. Many want to have a place they can meet to practice the norwegian language together, and therefore we have language café four times a week. The café  is organized in collaboration with Stavanger Red Cross and Stavanger Active People Society (SAPS), which is an open international community where people meet through various activities.


Stavanger library provides a location, while Red Cross and SAPS provides volunteers.

- We are delighted to be able to provide this service to anyone who will speak Norwegian together in an educational and safe environment, says Sølvberget's Aud Jorunn Aano.

The offer is divided to a language café for both intermediates and beginners. If you want to find out which of the two suits you best, check below.

Kia Rogaland

KIA Rogaland organizes language café twice a week, both in Stavanger (every Tuesday. 6:00 p.m., Vaisenhusgate 5, 3rd floor.) and Sandnes (every Thursday 14:30 until 4:00 p.m., BådeOg, Oalsgt. 2).