Hopp til hovedinnhold

How to find reserved books?


You can order books, movies and music via app or web and we pick them up for you.

You can reserve both materials that are on the shelf, and are loaned. You can retrieve reserved books at Sølvberget on the ground floor. Here are the steps:

You can reserve materials from us via the website or our app. Important: When the material is ready for pickup, you get an email, sms or letter from us. It looks like this:

Hent reservert materiale

Materials can be picked up either at the Main Library (Sølvberget) or at Madla (if you wish). Pick-up deadline is the key here: it is the last date you can retrieve your reservation. Retrieving deadline is normally one week after you get the message.

Where do you find the your reservations? On the ground floor at Sølvberget, right at the red counter. You need hardly to ask for help there if you can system:
Books (and audiobooks) are sorted by collection deadlines. Internally at each date they stand by loan number, in ascending order (Library Card number is the number printed on the lower back of the library card.).


Cd's stand alone in a small box to the right on the shelves, next to reserved movies.


Have you ordered an interlibrary loan (from another library), talk with staff on the ground floor. They have these reservations behind the counter.

Do you have Madla branch as a pickup location? There you can grab things both when they are open and closed. In Madla, reserved books are to the right just inside the entrance.


  • Reserve whatever you want. You will get a message from us, when the reservartion is ready.
  • Bring your library card and remember the  deadlne, which tells you which number in the reservation shelf to look for.