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Get a Library card

Get a Library card

You can choose between two different library cards - a national or a local card.

Chose one of these cards depending on your needs:

  • Library card for Stavanger Library
     This card is accepted at Stavanger Library at Sølvberget, the branch at Madla as well as at outreach services.
  • LÅNEKORTET – the key to Norwegian libraries
     This is a national card that will gradually be accepted at most Norwegian libraries. It can only be issued to individuals, i.e. not to schools or institutions. The card is free of charge.

           For LÅNEKORTET to work, information on all borrowers is registered in a common database:

  • Borrower id
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Enciphered national identification number
  • Name
  • Up to two postal addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Local library; the library that you use the most
  • PIN code for self-service machines and the library’s web solutions
  • Information on which libraries a user is affiliated with

Details of loans, reservations, black-listings and other relations between the user and each library, is stored only in the library.

Treatment of personal details

The project that has developed LÅNEKORTET has made a point of keeping with all rules that apply to the treatment of personal details.

  • Only information not considered sensitive in relation to the Data Protection Act is stored. Personal identification numbers are necessary for unambiguous identification of individuals but are stored enciphered to avoid their reconstruction and misuse.
  • Contact details will not be sold or passed on to other parties.
  • All communication between each library and the central borrower register is enciphered and protected by username and password.
  • The information will be stored until the borrower demands them deleted or until the library receives notification of death.
  • Responsible for the treatment of this information is Bibliotek-Systemer AS, by general manager, Boks 2093 Stubberød, 3255 LARVIK.
  • On https://fl.lanekortet.no/laanekort/innsyn.php you can check what information is stored about you at any time.
  • You may demand your information altered or deleted in all the libraries where you use your card.

If you do not want your contact details to be available to other libraries

If you do not want a library card that can be used in other libraries, you can choose to have your contact details stored in the central register. Notify staff at the counter and they will issue you a library card that is only accepted locally. You must display valid ID to get either card.

Two cards, many questions

We've developed a bacis FAQ. If this don't solve your problem, you are free to contact the library.

  • What is the difference between the two cards?
     » One is accepted only at the departments of Stavanger Library whereas the other may be used at most libraries across the country.
  • Why can’t everyone just get a national card?
     » When you apply for the national library card, you have to give your national id number. This is not required to get the local card. Thereby, those who do not wish to state their national id number, can choose to be registered as a member of Stavanger Library only.
  • Why do I have to give my national id number to get the national card but not the one for Sølvberget?
     » Because there is a higher risk of confusing members (because they have the same name or date of birth) when the membership covers all of Norway.
  • Do I need two cards?
     » No. If you have the national card, Stavanger Library is one of the locations where you can use it.
  • Is there an updated index of all the libraries that accept the national card?
     » Yes. On this page you will find an index of sites where your card is accepted.
  • Can I return items in another library than the one I borrowed them from?
     » Yes, in Stavanger you can return items that belong to other libraries. This will vary from place to place so you are advised to check with the library where you want to return items.
  • Do the same rules apply in all the libraries?
     » No. Each library has its own rules. Therefore you need to get familiar with the rules that apply where you borrow something, even if you have the national card. The various libraries also have different fine rates. The loan rules and fine rates for Stavanger Library can be found at pages 6 and 7 of this leaflet.
  • Is there an age limit for getting a library card?
     » No, everyone is entitled to a library card. If you are under 15, you need permission from a parent or guardian. This applies whether you want the national or the local library card. In the back of this leaflet you will find the form for parents’ permission.