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Free internet, PCs and print-outs

Free internet, PCs and print-outs

You can use free internet and PCs at out library. You can also print out in black/white and colour.


All visitors to the library are welcome to use the wireless network using their laptops, tablets or smartphones. The network covers almost the whole house. Use of both the wireless network and PCs that are available to the public, is free. The staff, however, is unable to guide you through the use of the wireless network.
SK-PUBLIC is the network that the public can use.

Rules for use of the library's wireless network:

Norwegian law also applies to the library. Misuse of the library's wireless offerings may result in police and criminal liability.
The library's wireless networks offer no content filtering, spam or viruses. Users of the wireless network must therefore ensure that it has adequate protection of own machine in the form of firewalls, antivirus programs like
The library's wireless network used by many concurrent users. Therefore be cautious about sharing private / sensitive information over the library's wireless network. Do not use personal net services like banking and Restricted services unencrypted over the wireless zone.
The library is not responsible for loss or misuse of data transmitted over the wireless zone.


Stavanger library has computers with internet for use by the public on the 1st floor and in the Facts Library on the 3rd floor. We also have three PCs on Children and Youth Library, which is reserved for users under 18 years. It is completely free to use PCs library.


It costs 3, per sheet for black / white print and 5,- for color printing. All prints come to the printers on the 1st floor.