Hopp til hovedinnhold

Are you a student? Welcome to Biblå!

Are you a student? Welcome to Biblå!

We want to welcome all students to the library. We are open until 21:00 every day.

Are you a bit tired of reading in school? Come to the library, right in the center of Stavanger.

On each floor you will find plenty of writing desks and chairs where you can study. On a  3rd floor you will also find balconies perfect for group work sessions and discussion groups. It is advisable to come early, as these are often taken early. We have free Wifi. The network called SK Public and does not require password. We also have computers with the ability to print, and we have also copy, scan and charging stations.

Remember that we now have meråpent so you can lock yourself in the 2nd and 3rd floor of kl. 8:00 and be here until 21:00. Read more about meråpent library.

The library subscribes to several digital services and archives, including newspapers, Lovdata and dictionaries.

Many students come to the library to borrow textbooks. If you are wondering whether we have the books on your reading list, you can search our catalog.

If you have a student card from UIS, you can use it as a library card with us, but then it must be activated at the counter.

Otherwise we share house with two cafes, both Renaa and Café Diem, so you can always get the mandatory student coffee.

We hope to see you at Biblå!