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29. juli 2020- Wesam Almadani- Gaza

29. juli 2020- Wesam Almadani- Gaza

Hvordan er det å være på flukt eller i eksil når verden rammes av en pandemi? 11 forfulgte forfattere rapporterer fra sin hverdag i en digital dagbok. Bidrag nummer seksten er fra forfatter og aktivist Wesam Almadani. Wesam er nåværende fribyforfatter i Larvik.

A message to my friend the war

A text by Wesam Almadani


The world is living a repeated life for the first time.

A valid phrase! Very similar to what you wanted to tell me.

The war crows are walking under my skin, and the world outside is filled with its chaos.

- But not for this day

We claim strength as the spiritual food of war, especially when water, electricity, and food are not available.

- Fear hovers here too, it does not matter.

Corona's aesthetic lies in the hiding of the dead bodies, do you think we are going to get used to it?

- The right party won.

Many messages have been written for you, but has not been received. One of them says:

Throughout the whole night, I was running away with my family from the shelling. My swing was following me, I could not persuade it to come back and when the morning came it disappeared.

-  What is the world doing in this time?

The crisis makes our vision of things change, the politician works in maintenance and the soccer player is gambling, the bar sits alone workless.

Everything that I do is out of logic, the corona - which has no authority over my fresh body - takes the form of ghoul tales, frighten me! Solitude is an elderly demon that feeds on my soul, and all the choices are you.

- Food, then, is the most accurate description of the conflict.

I have a blue photo album - blue is the colour of my heart as you know - it contains copies of me.

One highlights my cats-like eyes, as my neighbor's sons used to describe them, and other pictures of many faded characters.

- The pain was found to guard us. Did you read the tale of the dog that ate the chicks or was it the wolf?

I decided to replace my blue album with a toilet paper reel.

- Could the water be cut off in Europe?

Strangers fight under my skin, it rots and takes the form of all corpses, the first one is poked, I hide my coins in it, and the second are similar to the virus, I wear it to meet high-class visitors.

There are many forms of prisons, the most horrific are the ones that arrest you in the inside and the outside at the same time.


Translated from Arabic to English by Kenan Khadaj