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24.juni 2020- Mansur Rajih Jemen/Stavanger

24.juni 2020- Mansur Rajih Jemen/Stavanger

Hvordan er det å være på flukt eller i eksil når verden rammes av en pandemi? 11 forfulgte forfattere rapporterer fra sin hverdag i en digital dagbok. Bidrag nummer elleve kommer fra Mansur Rajih, poet og politisk aktivist fra Jemen. Mansur var Stavangers første fribyforfatter i perioden  1998-2000.

Scraps from the diary

By: Mansur Rajih


I am afraid my energy would destroy me, The will of unbridled resistance. I fear I would do something foolish and run away, far away to my cell! To take cover

- They are there

- They are here

My cell is the shield I made against their viruses, whenever they heat up, I run away to my cell as if I am taking shelter. I remember being there and the Executioner \ ghost \ killer was the present.

-          And still

Except that I was the other, and still!

I am my history



Every time the fear Domineers me, I run into the wilderness of my soul, coming back to myself. I take back my being and my balance, as I were, a child racing like the dogs of “Herem” on those faraway hills…

Herem, my faraway village inside my heart, near I see it every day, towering wherever I look around in the city. Stavanger feasts on my soul, and ask myself every day:

-          Would you come back where you came from so that you remember who I am ...?

-          Who you are...?

So that you can see me



Every time it intensifies, I remember that I am Mansur Rajih, and every time the stress builds up, I remember that I have observed the kill, I have looked the killer directly in the eyes. my eyes still aimed directly to his. I recover my Balance and I say:

My history is behind me



Every time it intensifies, I run to “YouTube” escaping a present that almost gouges out the eyes with its hideousness, if it wasn’t for my beauty

Beauty is a cohesive fabric

Beauty is my hidden meaning

I take shelter in it, I remember

-we were tameable

Music flows

Whenever it intensifies, I resorted to the sweetness of the lyrics



Be in year two thousand and twenty

Or you will not be


the only

“Sheikh” of the method and the truth

Defenceless as a dog, that does not stop fulfilling his master, the Earth.

Running in circles around his absolute master's feet

The opposite of relative and history

Against the mind

Be Against the mind.

trampling logic with the shoes of coincidence,

the system with the hooves of chaos-horses

The Law

High …

Against meanness

The meanness now is not to be

In this very moment



Translated by Kenan Khadaj.