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15.juli 2020- Otba Fathalla Mahmoud Irak/Stavanger

15.juli 2020- Otba Fathalla Mahmoud Irak/Stavanger

Hvordan er det å være på flukt eller i eksil når verden rammes av en pandemi? 11 forfulgte forfattere rapporterer fra sin hverdag i en digital dagbok. Bidrag nummer fjorten kommer fra Otba Fathalla Mahmoud, skribent og jounalist fra Irak. Otba var fribyforfatter i Stavanger fra 2007 til 2009.


By: Otba Fathalla Mahmoud


In isolation

Since I came

I usually return home

Open the door ...

And find it crowded with absent visitors


Because I’m infected with poetry

It's a non-communicable disease

Therefore, don't replace the feathers of your face with a muzzle

Do not shrink

Quite strange keep listening to something that does not stop talking!

Turn off your TV ... don't add errors to mistakes

Hug yourself 

And remember Poet

This world can be saved

With a dream.