Hopp til hovedinnhold

Welcome to Kapittel 10!

The Festival director, Eirik Bø, on Kapittel 10 and this year's festival theme.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to yet another Kapittel festival, the 16th of its kind, based at Sølvberget, Stavanger Public Library and Cultural Centre. The library is a natural and suitable venue for the theme of this year’s festival – memory. It is where our common recollection is gathered, stored and communicated, and is in itself a deciding factor for what is remembered and what is forgotten. We will take this perspective along this year as we look at how memory works in literature and how literature is a contributing force for our memory.

“Memory is no reliable entity in a life, simply because memory does not put truth first”. This quote is from one of this year’s Kapittel guests, Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård, and illustrates the theme’s spot in the turbulent intersecting point between fact and fiction. Memory is indubitably effective in a lot of the fictional literature visiting this year’s Kapittel, and the tension between literature and reality will be a recurring theme. Could literature be a kind of creative memory?

How our common memory is also influenced by ideological guidelines will be an important aspect during the festival. We will be looking at how history is written, and how the truth about the past is often a truth with modifications.

We are very proud to welcome a host of big names, from Norway and other countries, to this year’s Kapittel. The festival will offer five days of varied events for all ages, where films, music and party are also part of the picture. Kapittel Film presents a strong documentary film programme, and we launch Bookmark – Kapittel’s dedicated children’s programme. Of course, Kapittel will also simply be a venue for good literature and good experiences to satisfy a curious audience.

Welcome to Kapittel 10!

Eirik Bø
Festival director