Hopp til hovedinnhold

David Pickett

Foto: Marie Von Krogh

Vokalisten i Panic Attack anbefaler 5 lokale band


Hans eget band Panic Attack kan beskrives som "bi-polar-trash-punk med hint av hardcore acid-jazz."


Så var det David som tipser oss om band som vi burde sjekke ut:

  • Gehenna is an ongoing inspiration to the whole band because they not only are they amazing live but they are constantly growing and redefining themselves.


  • I have heard some say that Hold Fast was one the best live bands in Norway and I find that statement hard to argue with.


  • Sassy Kraimspri have a special chemistry within the band that comes across both live and on recordings.


  • All the members of Purified In Blood have my respect but when they play live they come together like Voltron and smash whatever is in their way.


  • Doomkirke blew me away at their first show and they never disappoint. I'm actually wearing their shirt right now.



We've been and are influenced by so many bands in Stavanger but there would be no Panic Attack!  without Upskirts